M E E T  C H A R L I E

Charlie Scopoletti is proof that musicians have influence that can lead to real impact. Through his music and partnered fundraising initiatives he has helped raise over $1,000,000 for charities and has been recognized for his selfless commitment to helping others, with a Certificate of Appreciation by Westchester NY County Executive, Awarded News 12 Hometown Hero, Honoree for The One Hundred and a Proclamation naming March 7th “Charlie Scopoletti Day” by the Mayor of Port Chester NY. A two-time cancer survivor, his music draws from the unique perspective of someone who's faced and overcome adversity. His music speaks stories of the human condition, creating a combination of inspiring songwriting and thought-provoking lyrics. Charlie strives each day to help inspire, spread hope and make positive change to enhance people’s lives. 
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Charity Organizations that Charlie supports:
"I'm in total awe at your most gracious heart & spirit that was beautifully displayed tonight. You brought tears of joy & hope. I'll never be the same..Beautiful...Just beautiful"

"Charlie Scopoletti's music is not just soulful; it's not just heartfelt,
it's not just tap your toes catchy…IT IS HEALING." 
-Jonathan Zuker (Executive Director Conquer Cancer Coalition of MA)

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 "Everything that he does is to inspire and spread awareness.
His professionalism and talent are beyond words" 

-Jena Schneider (Cooperate Development Director CBTF)