8 years ago changed my life

Eight years ago yesterday, I lost my best friend Natalia to brain cancer. At the same time I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. If that doesn’t put life into perspective, I don’t know what will? It was such a life changing time in my life, asking all the big questions. Why her? Why now? I didn’t even care about what I was going through, I was watching my friend live out her final days on earth and that was heart aching.  
All I wanted to do was be there for her. It was hard for me, having to face the grief in her family’s eyes and to put into words how I felt. The only thing I knew how to do was express it through a song.  I wrote a song, that I got to play for Nat one time before she passed away. It’s called “Perfect Day” because that is all I wanted to give her.
Eight years later I’ve grown, learned valuable lessons and experienced the beauty of what life can be. Going through that experience was tough but it was a major turning point. I started to look at things differently and had a new sense of appreciation. The grace, in which Nat lived her life to the very end, showed me that there is a choice in how we all choose to live out our days. I choose to live them with a positive outlook, knowing there is an angel watching over and guiding me. As I move forward in life, I get to accomplish my dreams and as much as that means to me, it means even more that I get to do so and honor her life.
Watch this video  from The Capitol Theatre concert last year, to get insight on the reasons behind my song Perfect Day and what Nat meant to so many others and me.

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