What does it take to Conquer?

Have you ever thought about what it really takes to conquer something? 

One meaning of “conquer” is to successfully overcome.

Many of us go through hardship in our lives at one time or another. They may be health, financial or relationship related. When we think about it, how do we truly get through those situations? I know I have tried to get through sometimes with only minimal effort. 
I only go half-in. When I should be going all in. 
My mind tells me, or perhaps tricks me, into thinking I am putting in effort but my actions and outcome are showing me something different. 
This past weekend, for the 3rd year in a row, I got to speak and perform at Conquer Cancer Coalition’s-A Day of Hope and Healing at The Garden of Hope on Boston City Hall. This is a special day that I look forward to all year long. The garden is one of the most heartfelt places in the city with iconic views of Boston, A true sanctuary in the middle of the city. 
The community that comes together is one full of love and compassion. Led by the Zuker family (Susan, Jonathan & Matt) who have become family to Elisa and I. Their commitment to making a difference, their giving nature, along with their hope and healing initiatives, help support life saving research and life changing experiences. They are truly special people.
As I absorbed the beautiful day, listened to stories and views on what the future holds, I couldn't stop thinking about the word “Conquer”.
My whole life I’ve put so much emphasis on Hope, Belief and Faith, which all are necessary, but there comes a point when you have to stand up and put a stake in the ground to claim your life back. Not just stand tall in the face of adversity but also stay rooted in the soil of your power to conquer anything. 
The fight is over…we don’t want to fight anything anymore, which just brings feelings of negativity. We want to Conquer things. This brings up the feeling of empowerment within. When you conquer, you do overcome. It is the triumph after the long climb back to who you are.  
As the Conquer Cancer Coalition states, “we know there will be a cure for cancer. It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.” I couldn’t agree more and I believe this holds true for any situation. It's all a matter of when. 
Much Love,
We are the ones that pave the way for the next generation. 
We are the ones that will not give in.
We together will make a change for the betterment of the world. 
We will conquer any situation that presents itself in our lives. 
We will help our neighbors conquer with empathy and compassion. 
We will conquer our fears with light and love.
We Will Conquer Cancer!


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